Monday, November 07, 2005


A new visit in Prag. Prag in October... Still the same crowd from all over the world, with the tee shits and the beers, invading the Charles' bridge. How good it was, the time of the East block with its famelic crowd !! Well at least they have refurbished the old palaces that serve as embassies. Well what a glorious city this is !! When the moon glows over the river...

Of course it could not be without the library of the Strahov, from the Prémontrés brothers.
One more time and always the magic of the two libraries !!

To climb over the hill, and finish in the second library with a private concert of violins is stunning for one's heart.

Just one word about the Resto Plenska a Francouzska (Na Panckraxi) : it was fun indeed !

I have been here over and over, and i will be back soon with the young Mozart.

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