Thursday, March 17, 2016

Pacific Daylight Time

Pacific daylight time.
Rosa Chanina. Double shot. In vod.
The open bar philosophy.
Just name the brand. That goes.
Diesel dièse. Bémol. Montre molle.
Flat. Sharp.Treble clef. Swing.

Pacific delight time.
Book of faces. Fainting.
Reading me ? Papa. Tango. Charlie.
Save Our Souls. Dare you ?
Paris time. Grey gazouillis.
Bata clan. Inch Allah. Fainting.

Pacific daylight time.
And the national dog awareness day.
Get over the jack of spades. Mayday.
Whiskey Hotel Yankee Alpha Wiskhey Hotel Yankee.
Holy S ! Burgundy. Dali. Houdini.
The open bar philosophy.

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